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The following pages are from high caliber collections
Las páginas siguientes son de colecciones de alto calibre

(Some of the files are large and may take some time to load
Algunos de los archivos son grandes y pueden demorarse en cargar)

The British and French Post Offices in Cuba
Las Oficinas Postales Inglesas y Francesas en Cuba

The Roberto Pichs Cuba Collection
La Colección de Cuba de Roberto Pichs

Cuba: Revolutions and Their Impact on Its Philately
Cuba: El Impacto de sus Revoluciones en su Filatelia

The purpose of the exhibit is to show the impact of revolutions on Cuban philately over the years.
The exhibit uses covers, stamps, blocks, proofs, errors, forgeries, etc. to present the story.
A chronological sequence grouped by specific revolutionary events is used 
(the following links take you to color copies of each part).

Part 1:
1860’s – Revolutions Ouside Cuba
1868-1878 Ten Years War
Insurrection of 1895

Part 2:
United States Occupation and Administration
Puerto Príncipe Provisional Issue
United States Issues Overprinted

1917 – “La Chambelona” Issue
1933 – Machado Overthrow
1959 – Castro Revolution

Cuba: Postal Stationery, 1878-1962
Cuba: Enteros Postales, 1878-1962
Part 1 -- Spanish Administration Postal Cards
Parte 1 -- Tarjetas Postales de la Administración Española

Part 2 -- U.S. Administration and Republic Postal Stationery
Part 2 -- Enteros Postales de la Administración Americana y la República

Catalog of Cuban Postal Stationery

Catálogo de Enteros Postales Cubanos
by/por Robert Littrell

Postcards (Spanish, U.S. Administration, and Republic)
Tarjetas Postales (Colonia, Administración Americana y República)

Postal Envelopes (U.S. Administration and Republic)
Sobres Franqueados (Administración Americana y República)

Aerograms -- Aerogramas

The Lindbergh Phenomenon
El Fenómeno Lindbergh

by/por Robert B. Spooner

Clara Maass--She Gave Her Life
Clara Maass--Dio su Vida

by/por Robert B. Spooner

Cuban Postal and Philatelic Forgeries
Falsos Postales y Filatélicos Cubanos

Portions of the Dr. Miguel L. Ibáñez
Cuban Telegraph Stamps Collection
Partes de la Colección de Sellos de Telégrafos
del Dr. Miguel L. Ibáñez

(Offered as lot #422 in the 14 December 1995 auction of his philatelic estate
by the Barcelona auction house of Soler y Llach, subastas internacionales, s.a.)
(Ofrecida como lote #422 en la subasta de su colección de Cuba celebrada el
14 de diciembre de 1995 por Soler y Llach, subastas internacionales, s.a. de Barcelona)


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